Moviddit-Design Challenge

Duration: 2 Days

Role: Team leading, Project Plan, UX Design, Visual Design

Deliverables: hi-fi mockup

Tool: Adobe XD


This is a design challenge project. I worked with another designer to finish it within 2 days. It is a platform for movie lovers to communicate with each other, rank and share movies/shows, discover personalized movie recommendations, and create their own favorite list. 

Design Process

Identify application purpose

Based on the business strategy of the company, we discovered different possibilities and decided to focus on the following goals.

1. Engage in real-time conversations.

2. Share relevant references to the content subject for further interest and education.

3. Encourage ratings and reviews, and share personal favorites with others.

Sketches during the brainstorming stage:

WeChat Image_20201103192833.jpg
WeChat Image_20201103192817.jpg

Wireframe design:

We created the wireframe to better present our ideas.

Artboard 2.png

UI design:

Artboard 1.png

UPDATE: Research Plan

After our team finished this project, I continually worked on it to improve it. During my review process, I thought about different ways to distinguish this application from other similar products. I decided to dive into the users’ minds to find out their actual needs when they are watching movies with their friends and family. I developed a research plan to achieve this goal.

Prep Work

It is important to gather all the existing data before conducting any research. I will need to view

  • Review the industry reports

  • Customer Analytics of existing product with similar function

  • What are other products doing to help their users to enjoy watching a movie with others

  • Are there any issues with existing products?

Research Plan

Methods: Conduct focus groups or 1:1 interviews (may include Show and Tell if it helps participants to explain their feeling). 



By conducting this research, I want to understand:

  • The goals users want to achieve by using this product, or similar products

  • Their frustrations with current solutions

  • Their decision process for choosing the current solution 


  • should include current customers of major video stream platforms

  • should need watching movies with others simultaneously and remotely

  • prefer to have experience using text messages, video chat, or phone chat to communicate with others while watching movies

Interview/Focus Group Questions:

This will depend on the actual individual participant’s situation. Questions will be adjusted accordingly.

  • Have you watched any movie in the last 6 months? (the quarantine period in most USA cities falls into this time frame)

  • Did you watch any of them together with your friends or family when you can’t meet them in person?

  • Why did (or would) you choose to watch the movie together with them remotely instead of sharing your feelings with them after you finish watching it?

  • How you did it? (If they answered no in the previous question then ask how would you do that)

  • Why did you use this method?

  • Were you watching the movie on desktop, TV, or mobile phone?

  • How do you feel about that experience? Did you and the other person enjoy the experience?

  • If you can choose from phone chat, video chat, and text chat, what would you choose?

  • Why would you choose this method?

Reflect research results to Design: After finish the research, I would compare the current design’s method to the users’ method, and adjust the design to satisfice users’ needs.