Welcome to my portfolio! I'm a UX Designer who also passionate about how UX research works and how design can help with business growth. I got my M.A. in Emerging Media Studies from Boston University in 2020. Most recently, I'm working as a UX designer and a UX strategist in the Boston area. I live with my cat Bubble and my dog momo.


I hold a B.S. in Business Administration from Northeastern University. After worked one year, I took a break to consider my life and my career. To pursue a more creative career, I went back to school to study media and communication. 


My past helps me to view a product from not only the user's side, but also the business's side. I understand the importance of business growth, so I try to integrate business and media strategies I learned from my past into my design decisions. 


I became involved in UX design after taking a course at Boston University called "Developing Interactivity". I decided to pursue a career as a UX designer because in this role I can make impacts on users' interactive experiences with a product and even a business's success.

I find the process of talking to people, finding issues, solving problems, and coming up with creative and useful solutions very attractive. I've learned how to work with a diverse group of people in both agile and lean methods. I believe in user-centered design, collaboration, and inclusivity. I'd love to advocate the idea of equality and independence. 

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My cat Bubble

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