DogWalking Co.-Design Challenge

Duration: 3 hours

Role: UX /UI designer

Deliverables: User task flow, Prototype

Tool: Adobe XD

Prototype: Click here to open


This is a design challenge I finished within 3 hours. The company provided insights based on user data tracking and user research. I was required to design an onboarding process for a dog walker booking platform to fix an existing issue.

The Problem

The company's previous onboarding process faced a conversion problem. Only 25% of the users who submitted a request ultimately hired a dog walker. The survey result shows most non-hiring users noted that the options suggested by the app “didn’t fit their needs.”


The company then introduced a more robust initial questionnaire to collect more data during the onboarding process. The new questionnaire led to a higher conversion rate but alienated potential users who think the flow is too long.

Design Goal

Design an onboarding process that enables two onboarding options:

(1) the detailed flow for the users with more specific requirements

(2) a quick-book option that asks for less information and allows users to rapidly submit requests

User Tasks and Flow

To better address the issues, I started with listing user tasks and focused on how to achieve a high conversion rate and keep the process simple at the same time.

  • The users are directed from the onboarding page to a form that initially displays the basic questions

  • Once completes the questions, users should have the option to request a dogwalker or provide more information

  • If the user selects provide more information, additional questions appear

  • Users receive a success message once finish requesting

User flow.png

High-fideity Prototype

onboarding page V2 – 1.png

The onboarding page. Users can easily notice the CTA button from the hero image.

onboarding page V2.png

The initial questionnaire. Users enter basic information.

onboarding page V2 – 3.png

Users can choose to request a recurring service.

onboarding page V2 – long form.png

The extended questionnaire. Users always have the “Request a Dogwalker” submission button floating aside.

onboarding page V2 – confirmation.png
onboarding page V2 – confirmation –

When users successfully submitted the request, a success message shows up (left).

When users navigate away from the form before completing it, they will be prompted to submit the request as it is (right).

Learning and Challenge

I was required to finish this design in a very short period. I learned how to make quick decisions based on the information I have. I also realized how design can make an impact on gaining new users and increase conversion rates. If  I have more time to work on this challenge, I will conduct usability testing and continue perfecting the design.