BUDC Website

Duration: January 2020 to May 2020

Role: Information Architecture, Rapid Prototyping, User Research, User Testing, Client Relationship

Tool: Google Analytics


Our client, Boston University Dancesport Club (BUDC), is a college ballroom dance club. After contacting the Executive Board (E-board) members, I got a chance to lead my team to build a new website for BUDC. In this project, I participated in meeting with stakeholders, conducting interviews with potential users, creating personas, designing and building the website, conducting usability tests, using Google Analytics to analyze website data, and making improvements on the website.

User Research

Research goal: After talking to BUDC's E-board members, we determined the main goal of their website, and identified two user groups. Our research was aimed at gaining information about the two different user types and finding out their needs.

Method: 20-mins in-person and video semi-structured interview to gather in-depth qualitative data.

Personas: based on the research, we defined two major user groups, and created persona for each of them.

Persona-based design requirements

To better make design decisions, we listed the design requirements for the two user groups to fill their needs.

Persona 1: Olive Joseph

  • Include introductions or videos of different dances in the lessons section for users to understand what each kind of ballroom dance is.

  • Provide videos of members taking lessons that show the atmosphere of club activities.

  • Provide comprehensive information about the club.

  • Provide an easy-using navigation bar with clear menus and sections.

Persona 2: Harold Price

  • Provide and highlight dance competition information and videos on the website to attract potential users.

  • Put different information under reasonable menus.

  • Separate key information and frequently used information from the drop-down menu to show them directly on the website so users can see them without clicking.

  • Provide contact information on instructors and the person who helps with enrollment.

  • Provide subscription option for users to receive club activities update.

Website Design Statements

Problem statement: The current BUDC’s website attracts potential users’ attention by showing videos on the main page, but it fails to enable users to find and share information easily. Some key information users need to find (lessons and instructor information and upcoming events/event calendar) are not showing on the main page. Users need two to three steps to find the information they need, which is not user-friendly and convenient. Also, some key information is placed under the wrong menu, which confuses users. For example, coaches' information should be placed under “our team” drop-down menu while it is placed under “lessons”. Membership pricing information should be shown on the lessons page while it is under “our team”.

Vision statement: The new version of BUDC’s website will serve users with better searching experiences, better website layout, and enable users’ interactive ability with the website. It will display key information in a better format so that current and potential users can use an updated navigation bar to find key information easily. It will also add new functions so users can subscribe to the mailing list, register for lessons, and interact with pictures and videos. The new website will also allow current users to share information about club activities and have the option to choose what type of content (text, images, videos, calendar, or combinations) to share. These improvements will lead to better user experience and will make the potential users' attraction process easier.

Iterative Design

Usability test: After created our draft prototype, we did three usability tests, and we also presented the draft prototype to the club's e-board members. Based on the received feedback, we adjusted the website accordingly. 

Data analytics: We used Google Analytics to see if users can pass the tasks we set, as well as on which page people spent the most time on. By analyzing the data we gained, we made improvements to our prototype.

Website Prototype

*Note: www.BANDICAM.com is the tool I used to capture videos.

Website Prototype Video